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Tips and tricks for your manual typewriter



Important: Care for your machine.

The best care for you machine is to use it. Do not let it sit. Go through all the keys and functions minimally once month every two weeks is better. Its use it or loose it. The oil and grease gets hard and mechanisms start to stick if not used on a regular basis.


How to do Exclamation point ! !

Type an apostrophe, backspace and type a period.


How to type a number one

Use the lower case letter L for the number one.


My ribbon wont reverse

There is always a lever to reverse you ribbon in case it does not do it automatically.


Smiley faces can be made on manual machines.

Type a : then type a "(" to make sad or happy) :) :(


Drawing boxes or lines:

     Place a pen at your card scale: many machines have a cut out, v slot or a hole in the card scale just for this purpose.  Text box is not new. About 100 years old!

      After placing pencil on card scale and against the paper:

 Activate the carriage release button or lever, push  the carriage to the left, Roll the platen down, Pull the carriage to the right, roll the platen up, and box is made.

You can know type in the text box . Neat. 


Storing your machine while not in use! ! ! !

When storing any typewriter pull the paper release lever. to avoid your beutie 

to become inoperable, and unduly needed repair ! ! ! ! !

The paper release lever is used to move the paper around once the paper has been rolled in. The paper release lever is used to align the paper. Pulling or pushing the paper release lever prevents the lower feed rolls from getting flat. You will know you have the correct lever. This is  when the rollers are released the paper will move around.


Feed rollers are small cylindrical rubber rollers. There are usually two sets of three or more and have pressure on them against the platen (large black cylinder thing that you type against). Many older typewriters the rubber can get hard or soft. This pressure in time will make the feed rolls flat! Old rubber gets soft first, then hardens making the lower rollers flat on one side. Keeping the paper release lever pulled or released is an easy preventative measure for an unneeded repair.


* * * * * *  Shipping a Machine or One Being Shipped To You. Important! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


If you are going to ship a machine or you are having one shipped to you you must have the carriage release lever activated, it must be  tied down, rubber banded down, wired down.. This will prevent the *escapement from taking a jolt, jar, or pressure. This will prevent catrsophic falure of your machine.

 *Escapement is a group of parts that allow the machine totake one space at a time.

Some are irreplaceble once broken rendering you machine inoperable.


Contact your seller and tell them to do this! This will save your machine from catastophic damage. You know you have the right lever when you push or pull the carriage release lever, the carriage will move freely left and right. Machines are tossed  and droped severly in transit. I have had many machines damaged from ebay. Due to the paper release lever not being activated.

Some machines broken in half, cast iron broken. Phew. Some the complete carriege is broken off the machine.


Thanks for choosing ABBOTTS Happy Typing !