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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego

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All ribbons customers must call first.
 Ribbons are not located at the convenience Drop off spot for individual single ribbon sales at 8248 Ronson Road San Diego Ca 9211.  

 We supply any Ribbon with a repair.
If you need an individual ribbon. Call and we can accomidate you. Install your ribbon at our South repair shop. About 1 mile south of Freeway 8 Off of 805.
Free installation and check of your machine. Ribbon drive, ribbon lift, ribbon reverse.
Call 858-268-0435.     DO Not stop in and ask for ribbon. Call please.
Printer Repair Does not carry typewriter ribbons.    Call 858-268-0435
We have a huge variety of ribbons Call and we can help.
Xerox Ribbons available, you thought were obsolete.
Looking for a a Zerox ribbon for the 6000 series, 6010,6015,6020. This ribbon is very hard to find. We and get a ribbon for you. Dont throw away your favorite machine.
Do not throw away your used ribbon cassette we can refill it for you.
Looking for a Brother portable ribbon cartridge thats obsolete, the kind that is connected in the middle. We can refill it for you.
Please call 858-268-0435 or email from the contact us page.
We can get just about any obsolete or hard to find ribbon.