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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego
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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego

Typewriter in San Diego

Antique to New Repair Service Sales 

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Meet Mitch,
He loves typewriters. His passion is especially in repairing and
restoring mechanical machines.

Mitch has been working on typewriters for over 40 years and successfully repaired over 35,000 machines.



​The Man Time Forgot Article.


Hello all,
Mitch says, each machine is unique and has its own personality. They do have their own spirit if you will. Mechanical and manual typewriters are amazing machines, they can stay in service for over one hundred years.
Typewriters an extension of your mind.

There is something esthetically pleasing about banging the keys on an old manual typewriter, even if it is just for fun. You press the letter, and the key lever pulls links, sublinks, trips the escapement, drives the ribbon, moves the platen, and the type bar makes contact with the ribbon and paper, and you have a letter with out electricity! You are the power.

There is something very pleasing with all the creation that just took place. It’s like an extension of your mind traveling through to your fingers and on to paper.

You are actually creating the words from your own fingers, through might of muscle and mind instead of creating an electric response inside the transistors of a computer. This is more like sculpting, and is probably why so many professional writers and beginner professional writers still use manuals today. Also to mention the people  that just admire typewriters for all their beauty and craftmanship or hierlooms.
Keep on typing
Enjoy the Day