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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego
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 Testimonials and Comments 
Abbotts Typewriters San Diego
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Thanks Mitch for your work on my Underwood Typewriter, it has never worked       better. Judy from Lamesa CA. 

Thanks Mitch for all of your help setting up my Underwood typewriter. From replacing the ribbons to spending your time showing me all of the fun little features on my machine, and making sure that it worked perfectly before I left, I would say that my experience was great! Super friendly, professional and really knows what he's talking about! I'm definitely taking all of my typewriter concerns to Mitch!
Kara K, 08/16/2009

(Thanks again! My typewriter is working perfectly and I'm having so much fun with it!)


Thanks much for the assistance in repairing my Selectric III. It is great to still find someone interested and extremely knowledgable in keeping these engineering marvels working. We are throwing away our heritage!
Dan G.
Evansville WI


Thanks for fixing up my dads Reminton he used in colleg 50 years ago looks and works great.Its a great keep sake. I thought it would never work again.

           Steve J. San Diego


11-11-09    What do you do at 4:00 in the afternoon in Phoenix, AZ when a friend calls you from a yard sale saying they may have found a sought after typewriter, but couldn't find the serial number to confirm?

A dilemma. Calls to local shops yielded no success. A quick glance at the clock showed all the fancy schmancy east coast restoration shops were closed. West coast? Googled typewriter restoration San Diego – a hit – Abbotts Business Machines – hum, with a link to typewriter restoration as well.

I called, and Mitchell went beyond the call of customer service. He listened to my situation and told me where to find the serial number. And to confirm it, he graciously pulled a similar typewriter out of a storage shelf just to confirm his already correct information. 

Mitchell – great customer service and thanks again for going that extra mile. And when it comes time for me to refurbish my next great find, I’m sending it to Mitchell at Abbotts Business Machines.
Joe D
Phoenix, Az


Jan, 2010
I am impressed with the kindness and repspect and honesty
Mitch gave me regarding my typewriter  repair. I could not use my old Royal manual.

                   He could have told me that I needed a repair but instead called told me that it was only a setting on my machine. He told me to call him when I got the machine home. He explaned on the phone what I was doing wrong. Amazing you dont get service like this anymore. Oh yes he did not charge me either.

                   Thanks again Mitch 

                     Sarah J  San Diego Ca



thank you so much for your assistance. I called you expecting to
receive a simple answer to my vintage restoration questions just like
all of the other business's gave me. I was pleasantly surprised to
hear that you were willing to take the time to have a long conversation
with me about restoring my machine and the steps I could take to do it
myself. As a young adult with limited money to purchase and restore my
vintage typewriter, it was nice to hear a voice on the other end of
the phone who was willing to offer a helping hand to someone such as
myself. I have dreamed for a long time of owning my own typewriter,
and now you are making it possible for me to own one that is in good
condition. Thank you so much for your help and honesty. Those
qualities are few and far between today.

Much Thanks,
Kimberly  Nothern California


I highly recommend Mitchell! Going to his home workshop was a absolute joy. With expert detail he took time to kindly teach me about my vintage typewriter as he customized the replacement ribbon and cleaned the inner workings. I had such a wonderful experience. His knowledge is a great opportunity for one interested in adventure, the adventure of exploring the fantastic possibilities of machines that do not use electricity.
 Kenny / San Diego 


A perfect, strangely exciting experience. Mitch was able to bring my babies back from the grave, took the time to show me the ins & outs of all her little workings, and gave me a good deal to boot. I would recommend him to anyone.
Erik B.  San Diego  


Jan, 20 2011
"I sent my vintage Royal Quiet Deluxe to Mitch for some custom 
modifications.  Mitch took time to talk to me and make sure he knew 
exactly what I wanted, then did an expert job.  The typewriter works 
perfectly." He moved the key slugs to differnt positions that I wanted

             John  Writer  Texas   


March, 15,2011

   Wows if you get invited to his home shop for a repair take the opportunity. He is and expert for sure. He has some antique typewriters in his house and in his shop behind his house.  He took the time to show me the ins and outs of my Royal typewriter. Mitch also showed me some great machines, Blichensderfer, Smith Premier, Hammond, Oliver, Folding Corona, and more he even let me touch and type on them. Great experience for typewriter nuts.

          Gorge San Diego Ca   



Absolutely amazing, I bought this old black royal manual typewriter and just needed a ribbon.

Mitch allowed me to go to his home shop to install it. He installed it for 9 dollars, checked my machine out at no charge. Showed me all the levers, setting, margins and things on the machine. He also showed how to pick out the letters with a needle so the type was nice and crisp.

He really loves machines and he is so nice.

His shop is a surreal experience that I will never forget, he had lots of machines everywhere. You are surrounded by typewriters and lots of projects he is working on not just typewriters , he can fix anything.  He then offered to show me some the antique machines he has in his home. This was so cool for me something I would never see anywhere it was like a mini museum.

He insisted I touch them and feel the touch on the keys.

Awesome experience. If he invites you there do it. Thanks again Mitch.

 Alexandria P San Diego Ca. 

   03-20-2012Mitchell's service was spectacular. I was truly impressed with his level of knowledge and his kind demeanor. I had researched into other companies, and he is the only man in California who I can honestly say approaches each job with personal, passionate service and quality work. I don't trust anyone else to restore my antique Oliver and Underwood 5.
Justine B, San Diego Ca.


Hi Mitch,
Thank you for nurturing my old Mignon 4 typewriter back to life and making it look pretty! You clearly love these old machines and it shows! It is amazing that you could find parts for this thing that is over 100 years old and what was not available you manufactured them yourself. Your workshop is also fun to visit! 
Alex in San Diego

Mitch says the above machine is featured on Restoration page.


July 20, 2012

Note from Niall

Dear Mitchell, Thank you for the help today. In an age when things get replaced so easily, it's nice to have a machine that was built to last. It's just as nice to know there are people out there, like you, who take the time to fix and explain things face-to-face .. Best, Niall

 October 2012
Laurie, Solana Beach Law Office.
There is something wrong with Mitchell, I phone and needed help when my IBM Selectric
Plastic thingy came off. I needed it right away.
Well he called me back, I had another call to take, I called him back he answered.
I requested a same day service call and he agreed. After he quized me on what
I needed he said,
You can fix it your self. I said nooo. He said I can walk you through it.
Well he instructed me ever so diligintly over the phone step by step as if he was watching me.
Wow I got it in. and I am not mechanically inclined at all. He was excellent.
He helped me instead of doing an on site sevirce call.
Whats wrong with him.
Maybe I should say theres allot right with Mitch.
Thanks with gratitude.
Laurie  San Diego
I cannot rave enough about Mitchell. Not only is he a ridiculously skilled repair person (he can fix or build anything!), he is a generous  and
 honest human being and a hoot to boot.

The only problem is, he is not a very good business man as he often undercharges for the amount of time he puts in to his work.

If you have the slightest interest in how your typewriter functions, he will make sure you know how to fix it yourself next time. Not because
 he doesn't want your business, but because he gets a kick out of fellow typewriter enthusiasts and simply enjoys passing it forward. I
don't know how he stays afloat with that business model--except that he has a gazillion customers who seem to know a good thing when
 they see it. His phone is constantly ringing when I'm at his shop.

Frankly, this review is looong overdue. But I really don't need other people's typewriter problems (sorry fellow enthusiasts!!) clogging up
 Mitchell's schedule, haha.  

But yeah, if you're having an issue with your typewriter, turntable, fax machine, or what have you...if it's fixable, he can fix it!
Kim San Diego