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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego

Typewriter in San Diego

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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego
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Affordable Repairs and Good News for You 

IBM Selectric pricing at bottom of page. 


Hello, and thanks for choosing Abbotts Business Machines. Congradulations on the right choice. Expert Repairs, we get you running smothly. All machines will work and function well. 


Inflation and the poor economy may prohibit certain repairs for typewriters and other machines not to be performed by some customers. Including purchasing machines. You may think that you cannot afford to have a favorite or new machine to your collection repaired.


Some typewriter repairs or other machine repairs are not a great necessity but are to admired, sentimental, neat, cool, you would like the machine to work. I do too. But in general some repairs are a secondary items expense. We offer you the Economy Buster Rate.



To make your repairs affordable for you please ask for the economy buster rate:

This rate is a down payment on your repair and interest free payments for your repairs as low as $10 dollars a month !


Pay pal is a great way to accomplish this service.

Again if Economy Buster Rate is not offered to you please mention it. We will be happy to accommodate you.


Have a Typeful Day



Antique, Vintage, and Manual Macnines


Difficult question to answer in a nutshell due the the complexity of different machines.

 Its starts out at free at the shop, you will receive one two or three estimates, with varying repairs and service levels. We can  fit your budget.

 Here is a rough guide. I will work with you to get your machine up and running. Payments ok.

 How much does it really cost:

 Some machines free. really!  

Ribbon New for all below pricing, installed free, ribbon charge: 6 to 9 dollars. 99 % of machines take a 9 dollar ribbon. 
Very special ribbons, $14.00, $24.00


Repair Rates: Apoximately. Phone call aproval for all machines, before any work is done. 

Not so many as low as $5.00, $10.00

 Some  machines: $25.00.  Light clean, lube, air clean. Minor repair, adjust.

 Most portable manuals: $65.00-$85.00. General clean and lube blow out. Most adjustments.

Some portable Manuals: $95.00. General clean lube, blow out, and fair amount of  adjustments, and functions.

 Several: Larger Office Size Machines, and Major protable type Repairs $125.00- $175.00 

 Genereral clean lube, blow out, needs some parts, mechanical and chemical cleaning, higher degree of adjustments, and deeper cleaning, metal shine work. Machines that need good work. Carriage doesnt move, most keys stuck, many functions not working.

Some  in restoration catagory:  $195.00 and Up . 

Usually a Mechanical  Restoration is required. 

All of the above done due to severe maintenance shining, polishing, rust repair needed.

 Some machines that are severly rusted, stored badly, rodent urine, nickel and chrome flaking

will be assesed.

Some severe machines  may require an estimate fee. You will be notified.  

 Call and get an aproximate price quote for your machine, we want to talk to you.

I want your machine to work for you.

Most machines will receive a FREE ESTIMATE !


Enjoy the Day                                                                           Restoration Pictures Click here


Call we want to talk to you


IBM Selectric recondioning available, Make yor machine as good as new.

Comes with a 1 year warranty, all parts and labor.

Aproximately $125-$185 parts and labor


Complete IBM Selectric Reconditoning

Chemical cleaning to include degreasing tanks or chemical pressure spray, oil bath, hand lube with prescribed lubricants, parts replaced as necessary, adjusted to factory specifications, Cases cleanded and polished. A full 100 point full functional test perfomred. 1 year all parts and labor shop warranty.  

Aproximately $125-$185 parts and labor


Complete 1 year all parts and labor warranty

Please call for current pricing free setup and delivery-most areas