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Typewriter Repair Shops San Diego

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8248 Ronson Road, Sd, CA, 92111

SHOP REPAIR​        858-268-0435
Please be advised how your expert shop repair procedure is executed at the Printer Repair Depot Drop off Spot
8248 Ronson Road, San Diego Ca. 92111 

The following procedure is not for on site service and repair calls .

 For on site service, home or office. Call 858-268-0435

This is how to get your expert repair accomplished.
You drop the machine off at the Printer Repair Depot.
 Fill out the form, you receive a receipt.  Note on the form what you would like done.


The Printer Repair Depot is a convenience drop off spot for repairs.
This means you drop the machine off and you will be contacted regarding your expert repair.

We do have pick up and delivery local area pick up for repairs, usually about

 Free estimates range from 1-4 days sometimes more.

Repairs are about 10 days sometimes less sometimes or more due to backlog of repairs.You may receive a few estimates, on repairs, service and cleaning as to what you would like to have done, due to varying degrees of service. Make it work, and clean, make it work and pretty, or restoration.

Rush Service
If you are in a great hurry we have a 1 or 2 day fee expedited rush service. Have your machine in a day. Includes: estimate, repair, service, for an additional $25.00 added to the repair....You must call and pre arrange this service.858-268-0435

If you are a business, in rush, leaving town, gift, or need the machine by a specific time frame please:  
Call and let us know

Please note, there are not any typewriter technicians at the Printer Repair Depot, the attendants there cannot answer any machine related questions, except about printers.

Need a Ribbon or Parts,
Note:  There are no ribbons, parts, or machine sales at the Printer Repair Depot. This is a convenience drop off spot only. Click this link for more information 

Please do not stop in and ask how your machine is doing, let your fingers do the walking, please call as much as you like. Printer Repair does not have this information.   If you call indicate what brand of machine you are inquiring about please.

You cannot rush excellence!

Printer Repair Depot hours:
Monday Through Friday  From 7:30AM to 5:00 PM   

Saturday Call to make appointment.

If you would like hands on assessment and talking with Master Mitch on your beauty or beast. You must make an appointment with Mitchell for check up and free estimate. He will give the address of the Home Avenue Shop. zip code 92105 after he talks to you, and make a mutual time appointment.

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