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Million Dollar Typewriter

The best single element machine in the world!

The IBM Selectric typewriter is the best machine ever made. Here's why.

Designed to be used 8 hours a day, every day.

The IBM Selectric was originally designed as I O (input/ output device) for computers. Millions of dollars went into research to design this machine. The Selectric was engineered to wear at a minimal rate. It is said, that the most wear is obtained in the first 24 hours of use. The practically all-metal construction of the IBM Selectric makes them practically indestructible.

 The IBM Selectric is a full featured machine:

Designed to be user friendly. Can be used by all skill levels of typists easily.

The IBM Selectric is designed and has features so users whom are not familiar with typewriter would be able to use it with the greatest of ease. It is able to do multi-part carbonless forms, labels, and large and thick envelopes.

 Easy repairs:
The IBM Selectric typewriter series was designed with the technician in mind. This designed enable technician to repair the machine in the customers office for all most all repairs quickly. This great engineering feat enabled repairs to be quickly accomplished. The innovative design keeps the cost for repairs low.

 Still Going:
IBM Selectric typewriters are forever
Is there another piece of equipment in your office today that is able to do the functions that you need it to do well and that it has done over 20 years ago, and can still do it great?
         Yes there is the IBM Selectric. 
We repair, sell, and recondition IBM Selectrics. We are experts on these machines. 

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Small personal typewriters will offend you...and often called possessed.
Small electronic typewriters are inexpensive. Although with this in mind most personal office electronic typewrites will frustrate you for the tasks you would like to perform with a typewriter.
Good points about small  personal typewriters, are they are light in weight and they do type.
 Some undesirable qualities of small personal electronic typewriters are:
 You cannot see much of the line of type; this is because the ribbon lift system was removed in order to keep the purchase price low. The top part of the ribbon does not move down after you strike a key, so you cannot see your typed line.

 There is not and index detent, the removal of this feature will not allow you to return to a line. The detent is the click click you feel and hear when you turn the platen knob which you are accustomed to on most typewriters.

 Delayed speed throws your typing off balance. While typing on a typewriter there is distinctive clack that corresponds with your depressing of the keys. On a low-end electronic typewriter you may have finished the word you were typing and remove your hands from the keyboard and the machine keeps on typing. This is the possessed effect.

 It is extremely difficult to type on thick multi part forms, envelopes, and card stock with an inexpensive electronic typewriter.
  Buy a good electronic typewriter or an IBM Selectric, or whatever you like we have them all. 
  We have available used, new and reconditioned typewriters          

  Free shop estimates. 

 Free consultation on Typewriters.

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 There are many varieties of typewriters to choose from;  manual, elctro mechanical, electronic, and electronic word processors. We can guide to the proper machine for you and your applications.


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